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PhotoAccute ожил

ѕонедельник, 30 ћарта 2009 г. 16:04 + в цитатник

ѕомните, € писал про апупею с PhotoAcute? ќни таки ответили. »звин€ютс€, говор€т, что у них был maintenance. ¬идимо он же и помешал написать мне письмо, чтобы € подождал недельку.  ак известно, maintenance — штука сурова€, всех приковывают наручниками к батарее, отбирают даже мобильники и доступа к e-mail ни у кого нет.

Ќу да ладно. ¬сЄ хорошо, у кого хороший конец.

ѕоследний этап взаимодействи€ выгл€дит так:

Dear Alex,

Please accept my deepest apologies for such huge delay with our answer
- we were in process of maintenance and samples processing was stopped
all this time. Finally I got review results, your samples are good.
We only got some difficulties with f01700_F00040 set (17mm f/4.0) - it
have high motion blur. If it possible may we ask you to redo this set
and make 20 shots - we will try to select some images form it that are
suitable for profiling. 

Sadly I overlooked your other questions, please kindly accept my
apologies for this as well. Regarding loading of the 27 RAW images -
you are absolutely right, it is memory allocation issue. Currently we
have only 32-bit PhotoAcute and application is limited by 2GB on the
Windows system. You may try to use /3GB Windows boot option (see
http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms791558.aspx for details).

With upcoming PhotoAcute Studio 3 we are currently working on we are
expecting 64-bit version and some memory management improvements.

However I have to mention that I do not know processing that might
require such big number of source files - for super resolution there
are no visible improvements after 10 images.

Also please note that "Tile" option for preview uses lot of memory -
you may try to remove check box for it in order to significantly
decrease memory usage.

This "Tile" option is also related to your feature request - as far as
I understand «check all images/uncheck all images» button should be usable
only for preview needs, am I right here?

Sergey Korolenko
PhotoAcute Support

> > Dear Sirs,
> > I've wrote more than week ago and still got no answer. I'm impressed by
> > your support style. Especialy because I see no reason for your silence —
> > sending my camera profiling data is hard to consider criminal or annoyance.
> > I'm ever not looking forward for your answer, and believe, my reviews
> > about your software and support will be objective.
> > Sincerely,
> > Alex Krylov


Ѕудем верить в человечество и что следующий период техобслуживани€ не помешает нашему общению.

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